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About Us

Breathe Clean Alberta employs qualified professionals as outlined by NADCA.  

We are COR Certified, bonded and insured including fall protection.

Service Guarantee

We have and maintain the latest equipment capable of servicing the most demanding requirements including;

      • Truck Powered
      • Truck Mounted
      • High Powered Electric Systems for High Rise Applications
      • Agitating Devises and Robotic Brushes
      • All types of disinfection including medial and institutional

Our team has experience with the following types of systems including:

      • Medical Buildings Banks and other secure facilities
      • Fire Stations and municipal facilities
      • Recreational Facilities Operations and Call Centres
      • Restaurants Salons
      • Commercial Office
      • Multifamily and High Rise
      • Property Management - Ongoing

Breathe Clean Alberta specializes in fixing commercial and industrial HVAC ventilation system problems caused by impeded air flow due to;

      • Dirt and Debris Buildup
      • Dust and airborne contaminants
      • Industrial Pollutants

We maintain the highest level of professional integrity, industry leading technical expertise and NADCA certified best practices.

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