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Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning

Clogged dryer vents pose a significant fire risk and are one of the leading causes of fires in Canada.

Be Safe!  Our process will eliminate the problems caused by blocked vents and reduce the risk of avoidable accidents.  Without regular maintenance, dryer lint and debris buildup can impede your equipment from functioning properly.  This can cause stress on a system, breakdowns and increases your risk of fire.     
Dryer vent fires can cause a great deal of damage as they can be inaccessible and ignite without warning. 

Additional Benefits of Commercial Dryer Vent Maintenance

Routine dryer vent maintenance has other benefits beyond reducing the risk of fire.  Our commercial dryer vent cleaning also contributes to

      • Increased dryer efficiency
      • Improved dryer longevity
      • Reduced mechanical failures
      • Improved indoor air quality
      • Reduced energy cost and carbon tax levies

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