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Commercial Duct Cleaning

What we do

As part of our process we include the following possible outcomes in our evaluation and are prepared for the following;

      • cutting or opening up all the necessary access holes or panels
      • cleaning all the ducts, including the main supply return ducts
      • cleaning all the piping and ductwork that connects the main ducts to the vents
      • cleaning the all vents (not a numeric estimate)
      • cleaning the furnace and components based on manufacturer requirements
      • cleaning the fresh air intake line
      • cleaning the combustion air intake line
      • cleaning the hot water tank (if applicable)
      • sanitizing/disinfecting the duct system
      • re-sealing all access holes when cleaning is finished
      • handling and disposing of all waste material
      • all labor costs

Breathe Clean Alberta's experienced staff are trained and equipped to handle the demands of cleaning and maintaining any sized commercial and industrial HVAC and can serve communities across Western Canada. Our comprehensive industrial HVAC cleaning services ensure your working environment meets OHS requirements and contributes to higher energy efficiency and system operational longevity.

Our professional team will work with you to evaluate your specific needs and ensure you are satisfied with the difference we can make.  Call us for a quote on cleaning and maintaining;

      • Air Handling Units
      • Coil Banks and Induction Coils
      • Ductwork
      • Exhaust Systems, Fume Hoods and Dryer Vents
      • Make Up Air Systems

Portable Robotic Equipment and Ductwork Cleaning
Clean ductwork is essential to maintaining efficient air flow through your HVAC system as designed.  This has the impact of reducing the system’s energy requirements and related costs.

We improve overall air quality by thoroughly cleaning and disinfection of your ductwork eliminating the indoor air quality degrading impacts of allergens, industrial contaminants and other airborne contaminants.
Our extensive experience with a variety of systems ensures that we will establish the most effective approach to cleaning your HVAC system. We have the equipment and tools to go beyond simply forcing air through the system.  Our portable systems, mechanical agitators and robotic tools contribute to a more comprehensive cleaning.

All the systems, tools and processes we employ follow the guidelines established by NADCA.

Acoustic Insulation and Other Services
Facilities with acoustic insulation or other sensitive equipment benefit from our ability to inspect and service your facility as required.  We will consult with you and ensure the best approach before proceeding as required.  Ask your Breathe Clean Alberta representative about your specific custom cleaning requirements for sensitive equipment.

Preventive Maintenance
Regular maintenance of your HVAC system is an important part of maintaining a properly working system.  You can reduce your energy consumption and carbon tax costs while at the same time avoiding system degradation and repair bills.   We can help you create an affordable preventive maintenance plan that fits your budget and schedule. Our technicians will work with you to schedule work that meets your specific needs.

Serving a Wide Range of Industries in Western Canada
Whether you are maintaining a Fire Station or a Manufacturing Plant we can meet your specific needs.  We specialize in cleaning and maintaining the following commercial duct and ventilation systems

      • Schools and Institutions
      • Office
      • Medical/Professional
      • Industrial Facilities
      • Agricultural
      • Restaurant and Hospitality
      • High Rise Residential and Multifamily

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