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The Importance Of Maintaining A Clean Furnace

The Importance Of Maintaining A Clean Furnace

A clean furnace is a happy furnace! Dirt and debris can accumulate in your furnace and ductwork and cause expensive damage to your heating system. This build up can also increase energy consumption and affect the air quality of your home or workplace. Annual furnace cleaning will prevent mechanical breakdowns, increase efficiency, and improve your indoor air quality.

Here are some of the benefits of maintaining a clean furnace in your home or business.

Breathe Clean Alberta is COR-certified* has the tools and experience to carry out thorough furnace cleanings in Calgary and across Alberta for both commercial and residential clients. Call for a free quote delivered by our bonded and insured furnace technicians today.

Keep Your Furnace Clean For Optimal Performance

A clean and serviced furnace is a normal part of home or commercial maintenance. Under normal conditions, yearly furnace and duct cleaning is recommended. In places like Calgary, where our heating systems are called on more heavily over the long winter, seasonal cleaning in the fall and spring is ideal. Here are some of the benefits of keeping your heating system clean.

Fewer Repairs: Many furnace breakdowns are due to a lack of cleaning. The buildup of dirt particles can clog important mechanical systems. These breakdowns often lead to expensive repairs and can lead to a non-functioning heating system for hours or days as it is repaired. A simple schedule of cleaning and maintenance can help avoid this costly servicing and add years to the life of your furnace.

Improved Efficiency:  Particles and dirt build up in your furnace can dramatically reduce its efficiency. Air filters can become clogged and force airflow systems to work overtime to compensate. Blower blades can become weighed down with debris accumulation and reduce their effectiveness. Whenever your furnace has to work extra hard to operate, you will notice an increase in your energy bills. A clean furnace operates most efficiently and saves you money.

Cleaner Air: Dirt in your furnace and duct systems will inevitably be circulated throughout your home or business in the airflow system. Dust particles and airborne contaminants can aggravate asthma, allergies, and autoimmune disorders and make you sick. A clean heating system will improve the quality of air in your home or workplace and help keep your family and staff healthy and breathing easy.

Safer Space: If your heating system has restricted airflow due to dirt and dust build up, your space is at increased risk for carbon monoxide leaks and even for fire due to the flammability of many particulates. With impeded air flow to your furnace, dangerous overheating conditions can occur. Keep your home and business safe spaces to live and work by maintaining a clean heating system.

Professional Residential And Commercial Furnace And Duct Cleaning In Calgary

The best thing you can do to keep your home and business heating systems clean is to change your furnace filters as per the manufacturer’s recommendations and have your furnace and ducts cleaned and serviced at least once a year. These simple maintenance tasks will ensure that your heating system is operating efficiently and that your family and staff are safe and healthy. Save yourself the hassle of expensive and time consuming repairs and extend the life of your furnace with Breath Clean Alberta furnace and duct cleaning services.

Breathe Clean Alberta exceeds industry standards and promises exceptional value for money. Our team is qualified to clean and service all components of your heating system including your furnace and ducts. We provide a completely customized service program based on your needs and your system’s optimal performance requirements. For a free commercial quote call us at 1-403-402-0978. For a free residential quote call us at 1-403-404-6224. You can also connect with our team of expert technicians with our online contact form.

*A Certificate of Recognition indicates the employer has health and safety programs in place that meet established standards


Q: How often should I have my furnace cleaned?
A: Our Breathe Clean Alberta experts recommend comprehensive cleaning at least once a year to ensure that your furnace is performing efficiently and that your air quality is maintained. But ideally, given the heavy demands we place on our furnace and heating system over the long winter season in Calgary, a seasonal cleaning in the fall will give you peace of mind that your furnace is in top shape to get you through the winter, and another cleaning in the spring will clear out the buildup of dust and debris that has accumulated over the winter.

Q: How often should I change my furnace filters?
A: Filters are designed to trap dust and airborne particles as air is drawn through your furnace. A clean filter will give you the best air quality and allow your furnace to run more efficiently. The general rule of thumb is that you should change your filter every three months, but the type, manufacturer, and size can all affect how often you should change it. One simple hint: take a look at your filter and if it is grey and dusty, change it out!

Q: Will there be additional costs above my quoted price?
A: Breathe Clean Alberta follows a single mandate: high-quality furnace and duct cleaning in Calgary and across Alberta at the exact quoted price. No need to worry about vague estimates or hidden fees with us; the free quote we give you at the end of the initial consultation is the final price you pay.

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Do your ducts and vents need to be vacuumed, your furnace cleaned, or your entire HVAC system sanitized from top to bottom? Breathe Clean Alberta can do all this while exceeding industry standards and guaranteeing you exceptional value for money.

Call us at 1-403-402-0978 for commercial quotes or 1-403-404-6224 for residential or fill out the online contact form below for a free, guaranteed quote today!

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