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Dryer Vent Cleaning

Clogged dryer vents are one of the leading causes of building fires in Canada. Often, the blockage is caused by residual lint stuck in the dryer vent, which can easily catch on fire when the dryer system is operating. 

Having your dryer vent cleaned by a professional cleaning service can drastically reduce fire risks while decreasing monthly energy bills and maintenance costs that come with an overworked dryer system. Dryer vent cleaning can also safely remove any mold that has accumulated over time inside.

COR-certified* Breathe Clean Alberta specializes in dryer vent cleaning for all kinds of commercial and residential buildings in Calgary and Alberta. We are fully bonded and insured. Connect with our cleaners for a free quote today.

*A Certificate of Recognition indicates the employer has health and safety programs in place that meet established standards.

Commercial And Residential Dryer Vent Cleaning In Calgary

Whenever you switch on your commercial or residential drying machine, your dryer vent activates to move hot air and moisture outside of your building. 

However, residual lint from clothes often gets trapped in the vent in the process. Because it is highly flammable, lint that is allowed to accumulate in the dryer vent poses a serious fire hazard. 

In addition to causing fires, a clogged dryer vent can also:

  • Decrease the efficiency of your dryer: A clogged vent carries less moisture away, which means that your dryer will take longer to dry clothes. The longer your dryer works, the higher your energy bills.
  • Reduce your dryer’s longevity: Because your dryer will be working twice as hard to do its job, it may experience mechanical failures earlier in its lifecycle. 
  • Lead to mold in your dryer vent: Moisture in the clogged vent can result in mold over time. Inhaling mold particles can cause respiratory issues and trigger allergic reactions. 

In short, cleaning your dryer vent not only significantly decreases fire hazards but also lowers energy bills and repair costs.

Our bonded, insured, and certified professionals at Breathe Clean Alberta offer best-in-class dryer vent cleaning for all kinds of commercial and residential buildings in Calgary and Alberta, including offices, conference centres, senior accommodations, and high-rise multifamily dwellings.

Superior Experience and the Exact Quoted Price

Breathe Clean Alberta follows a single mandate: high-quality furnace and duct cleaning in Calgary and across Alberta at the exact quoted price. No need to worry about vague estimates or hidden fees with us; the free quote we give you at the end of the initial consultation is the final price you pay.

Breathe Clean Alberta was created to fulfill a specific need in the Calgary furnace and duct cleaning space: provide top-of-the-line services at a reasonable price. We have made this possible by building a skilled and experienced team that carries their assignments with faultless attention to detail and deep respect for our clients’ time and schedule.

That is our commitment to our customers一commercial and residential.

Why Clean Your Dryer Vent With Us

Why Clean Your Dryer Vent With Us 

Having your dryer vent serviced by the Breathe Clean Alberta team provides the following benefits:

  • Increased dryer efficiency: Free of lint in its ductwork, your dryer can operate with optimal energy efficiency.
  • Improved dryer longevity: Your dryer will not be overworking itself, reducing the odds of mechanical failures. 
  • Reduced long-term costs: A dryer system that is operating efficiently reduces your energy and repair costs. 

Our Clients

Breathe Clean Alberta has experience servicing dryer systems in all commercial and residential buildings, including:

  • Office buildings and conference centres
  • Industrial and agricultural facilities 
  • Schools and other academic institutions 
  • Senior accommodations
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Banks and financial institutions 
  • Restaurants and travel accommodations
  • High-rise residential and multifamily dwellings
  • Any building with acoustic insulation

Words From Our Customers

Breathe Clean Alberta has been servicing communities in Calgary and across Alberta for all of their furnace and duct cleaning needs with a single goal in mind: to carry out superior system cleanings at the exact quoted price. Has our commitment held up over the years? See what our customers have to say!

The Only Duct And Vent Cleaner You Will Ever Need

Breathe Clean Alberta clears up your ductwork from top to bottom so that you can breathe fresh, high-quality air and save on long-term upkeep costs. 

We keep this promise by using the latest technology available and the industry’s best practices一every time. Our knowledgeable technicians have the skill and experience to service every type of residential and commercial duct and vent system, providing you with the best-in-class value in Calgary. Such is our commitment to you. 

For careful and comprehensive air duct and vent cleaning and maintenance, call Breathe Clean Alberta at 1-403-402-0978 (commercial) or 1-403-404-6224 (residential) or fill out the online contact form for a free quote today!

Customized Cleaning Solutions

Breathe Clean Alberta is qualified to service all components of your commercial, industrial, or residential HVAC system. Our most popular offerings include air duct cleaning, dryer vents cleaning, furnace cleaning, and comprehensive HVAC cleaning. We can also mix and match our cleaning services to provide you with a customized cleaning program that suits your system’s needs.

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This depends on the scope of your ductwork and the size of your system. Call us for a free exact quote.

The system should be cleaned every year for best results.

Breathe Clean Alberta has received the Certificate of Recognition by the Alberta Construction Safety Association.  In addition to this, all of our professionally trained duct and vent cleaners are fully insured and bonded.

Furnace And Duct Cleaning Evolved

Furnace And Duct Cleaning Evolved

Breathe Clean Alberta is a COR-certified* furnace and duct cleaning company serving the commercial and residential sectors in Calgary and across Alberta. Whether we are servicing your air ducts, vents, furnace, or HVAC system, our fully insured and bonded technicians commit to delivering high-quality work at the exact quoted price.

Get Your Free Quote

Do your ducts and vents need to be vacuumed, your furnace cleaned, or your entire HVAC system sanitized from top to bottom? Breathe Clean Alberta can do all this while exceeding industry standards and guaranteeing you exceptional value for money.

Call us at 1-403-402-0978 for commercial quotes or 1-403-404-6224 for residential or fill out the online contact form below for a free, guaranteed quote today!

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